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The Schreiber Klinik is an
academic teaching hospital of
Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Photop of room at Schreiber hospital
Feel cosy in a home-like atmosphere.
Make yourself at home in one of our modern equipped rooms at Schreiber Klinik.
Internet access keeps you connected and television is available for your entertainment.
You can choose from a wide range of Arabic TV channels.
We respect the dignity of all people and their tradition, which includes their way of preparing food.
Photop of Schreiber hospital kitchen
All of the meat we use for our Arabic menu is Halal so you can rest assured that we are understanding of your culture.
We offer a wide range of lamb, beef and poultry dishes and of course vegetarian food.
Our focus is to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible and we aim to provide a caring environment.
Your way to us
International office
In order to ensure a smooth treatment process, our staff is pleased to offer assistance with the organization of your hospital stay as well as with your journey to Germany.
We provide a certified translator to be at your side for any questions, important medical exa-minations as well as pre-operative discussion and postoperative follow up. click here and read more...
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